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art by meowshop
| he/him/his |
simon | single
gay, transgender


Roseteethh | GummyAsh
:iconroseteethh: :icongummyash:
friends but lowkey dating
ok really though you guys are the best??
i love talking to you two, you always brighten my mood doing calls
with you- and i wish we talked more together! i cant wait til we can
play games together, like dont starve together, or even just animal
crossing! we've been friends for a year now, and i think one of the
biggest things thats happened in that time was "blasting day"-
oh my god, we laughed for hours over the most stupid shit, but
looking back at it it still makes me smile

weve been friends for so long, and you deserve alot more than
just a small little sentence on my page you've put up with my
shit for years now- what is it, 3 or 2?? heck, i dont even remember,
but all i know is that i love you, you're always out there to keep me
going- i know that you'll always be there for me, and you always
talk to me and make me happy; i'll always be here for you too,
always remember that your my friend, linky, and never forget that

Whiskey-Spaniel | slay-saint
:iconwhiskey-spaniel: :iconslay-saint:
please never leave- you guys have stuck with me for a long
ass time and you always make my day, both of you- even
though your stinkys ): seeing you during the days just
makes everything better and i enjoy talking with you guys-
i have no idea what i cwould do if you werent here- ya this
sounds sappy but its true ok


your always there for me, i dont know how else to put this!
all youve done is be kind to me, look out for me, making
sure im okay- and i hope im doing that much for you, too
you mean alot to me- you always brighten my mood, you
know what to say to make me feel better. please dont
ever stop that, because i rely on you a great deal ♡

i care so much about you. we dont talk as much as i wish
we did anymore, but i think we've been getting better at
it! you always check on me to make sure im doing alright,
your always interested in what i have to say or whats going
on in my life, and it makes me feel so important and special.
it makes me feel so happy to know theres you, and my
other friends that are here for me, and care about me ♡

oh my goodness, i dont even know what
to put here! thank you. i guess, thats
the main thing. i feel like i can really
open up to you, and talk about serious
stuff with you. i also really love just
joking with you, or even just playing
games, like dont starve! ♡

snow-bears | slay-saint | Whiskey-Spaniel | MeltedFondant | finnabun | GummyAsh | lnfectiouss | peaceskyy | Roseteethh | NeonWishes7

now, unfortunately, theres not all the space in the
world on my page! all of you weirdos mean so
much to me, and i know all of the people on my
page have repetitive things said about them,
probably because im not good at talking about
people and everything. but, even though
they're similar to each other, i mean every word
i typed out here. all of you mean the world to me ♡


hello there! my name is simon, and i like to draw!
you can find my art in my gallery by pressing all
i like making new friends, dont be afraid to note me or comment on my art/profile! i dont mind giving people my skype, so dont be afraid to ask about that! i love music! gorillaz are one of my favorites, along with glass animals and EDEN- i really like any type of music, other than country and some others!
one of my favorite things i like to do when im not drawing is playing with my cats! i rlly love cats....

art by Whiskey-Spaniel of rax here!


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